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A support service for teachers in Scotland at last?
The evidence is unequivocal. Teachers in Scotland want and need a support service similar to that provided free of charge to nearly half a million of their colleagues in England and Wales. Teacher Support Scotland has been campaigning for such a service since its creation five years ago.
With help from colleagues at Teacher Support Network, Teacher Support Scotland has designed a support service specifically to meet the needs of Scotland’s teaching force. The service incorporates the latest developments in technology and includes an online coaching service along with more than a thousand online factsheets covering all aspects of teachers’ wellbeing and effectiveness, including both their personal and working lives.
An announcement on the service is expected shortly – watch this space!
Creating the Conditions
Teacher Support Scotland are currently undertaking a pilot programme to improve the wellbeing and effectiveness of teachers in the Fife and Renfrewshire areas. To find out more about this exciting project and how you may be able to get involved we have developed Creating the Conditions homepage – find out more .
E=MC² Conference
The hot topic in Scottish education today is effectiveness. On the face of it, this seems to suggest that yet more pressure will be brought to bear on schools. However effectiveness does not mean working harder, but working smarter.
Given research has indicated a relationship between wellbeing and effectiveness, the smart thing to do may be to ensure that those working in our schools are both physically and mentally well. Teacher Support Scotland ran a conference to explore the relationship between wellbeing and effectiveness at Stirling Management Centre on 5th December 2006.
The conference proved to be a great success with seventy people attending. Delegates came from around Scotland, with some representatives of the pilot schools; and a range of education professionals including headteachers, teachers, education advisers, educational psychologists, teacher welfare officers and union representatives.
Following on from the success of last year’s conference the Macrobert theatre group staged a short play following the theme of effectiveness and management. Patrick Nash, Chief Executive of Teacher Support Network spoke about the Teacher Support Network groups of companies, including the specialist service provider, Link to Life. The key comments from the floor were that it would be a good day for teachers in Scotland if they had access to a similar service! Finally, Kathleen Marshall, the Commissioner for Children and Young People closed the conference.
For more information on the key issues discussed at the event, please contact Teacher Support Scotland at [email protected] or on 0131 220 0872. An evaluation of the conference and a conference CD are currently being developed and will be available in a few months time – updates on availability will be posted on this page.
Background Information
Read Mike Finlayson’s rationale for Teacher Support Scotland in his article Improving the wellbeing of teachers in Scotland, published in the Scottish Education Journal. You can download the pdf of this article here .
Failure to support teachers is detrimental to education – our archives are under construction and will be available in the next few weeks. If in the meantime you wish to obtain an archived press release, please email Sarah Hutchens with your request. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Stress: A Classroom ‘Time Bomb’
More than 300 Scottish teachers are currently absent from their schools through stress, with experts predicting an escalation in sick leave through the work-related condition, a Sunday Herald investigation has found. Click here to read the full article.
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